A star named after Prince of Cambridge

Prince of Cambridge gets a star in the sky

Every time we travel we try to search for stargazing experience and Scotland has proven to be the best place ever

We celebrate with the royal family the arrival of the new prince by naming a star for him.

We are sure that baby prince has received plenty of gifts and messages from all around the world but we want to give him the most unique of all the gifts, we name a star in our star registry.

The star in the constellation with the coordinates RA01H49m28.2s and Dec 24°40’48.71″ in the Aries constellation is named Louis Arthur Charles.

“I am so happy for the Duke and Dutchess and I would like to congratulate them by dedicating a star in Aries constellation in our star registry which will be forever kept registered on the 23d of April,” says Ana, the Director and Founder of EStarRegistry.

Name a star certificate for Prince of Cambridge

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