How to offer gifts for twins?

How to offer gifts for twins?

You have twin friends and you’ve just got an invitation to their birthday party,  you feel excited about it! But you are absolutely lost and you don’t know what to offer, which gift they would like to have.  How to deal with twins birthdays, how to offer best possible gifts for two of them.

We gathered some useful tips and we will share an excellent gift idea for twins.

What should you do if you are a friend with only one of the twins?

Do you need to bring gifts for both or only for the one who is your friend? Twins are usually very close to each other and often share more things than you think, they are much more connected than just brothers and sisters and rarely have secrets. So you can’t bring a gift only for one of them and nothing for the other, otherwise, you risk to disappoint the other.

Should I buy each twin a different gift?

Even if they share a variety of things in common and a lot of twins have similar tastes,  it does not mean that you need to offer the same presents. Often twins prefer to have something different. It is understandable because they want people to see their own personalities hidden behind similar appearance.

Dr. Joan Friedman, twin expert and author of “Emotionally Healthy Twins,” reminds that, while you may mean well in bringing identical gifts for twins, it actually doesn’t help them form their own individuality.
Name a star is a great gift idea
There are many beautiful gifts for twins of all ages whether it’s for your friend, for your boyfriend or girlfriend or even for a baby twin. We have a great idea of a symbolic gift which will not leave your pockets empty, name binary stars for them and offer a beautiful personalised gift with their names. They will receive a printed certificate with their both names and two stars attribution. Binary stars are orbiting together, they are similar and different enough just like twins. It is a great gift highlighting their strong bonds.

Choose our name a star gifts

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