Halloween: how to prepare a great party

Halloween: how to prepare a great party

Halloween owes its origins to Celtic and Pagan beliefs that on the 31st October of every year the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead merged and that contact between the two worlds was possible. Nowadays, the night of the 31st October is an excuse for Halloween fancy dress parties, horror movies, ghost stories, werewolves, vampires and anything supernatural. Fancy dress costumes and masks have been worn on Halloween for many years, and children love to dress up in their favourite ghoulish outfits and go trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood.

One of the most significant challenges a Halloween party host faces is how to make their Halloween party spooky and fun. Fortunately, you can quickly make your Halloween party both spooky and fun by adding a few features. Your guests will have a great time – and your party will be the talk of the town. So, are you clueless on how you would organize the whole occasion? Here are some tips on how to organize a Halloween party:

1.    The location

It is essential that you know where to put up the party that you will organise. If you have a wide space in your house, you can consider it also. But the location or venue must fit the theme of the event. The place must also be accessible to everyone so that the guests will not have the difficulty to come to the venue.

2.    Get in touch with your friends

Ask them to throw a fantastic yet straightforward Halloween party of your own. Your friends will be your big help regarding resources and other aspects. It will be easier for you to bear all the responsibilities because you can share them some tasks like ordering the promotional freebies, getting a caterer, looking for a venue and contacting more friends to join.

3.    Pick a theme

Will it be monsters, movie characters, celebrities, pirates, or a free for all? Depending on whether you are having a children’s or adult party, will help to determine the theme. If hosting a children’s party, be sure to have plenty of parental supervision. And if you decide ‘costumes required’ party or casual. This way you can think of the cheap giveaways or cheap promo items that you can order for your prizes for the games that you will be doing. On the other hand, some low-cost promotional items can be the venue’s decorations and thank you freebies for all the attendees.

4.    Invitations

Make a guest list and send out invitations two weeks before the party. Choose invitations that will go along with your theme and get creative. You can save time and money and buy invites from your local party supply store or have some fun and make them yourself. Remember to keep it simple and be budget conscious. E-mails are also a fast, easy, and eco-friendly way to send out invites. Be sure to specify details about the party. Indicate if it is an adult, children’s or all ages party. If it is going to be a themed party, make sure to include instructions regarding costumes and if they are required.

5.    Decors and music

The place must be decorated according to the theme set for the event. Make sure that you will only put the appropriate decors in the venue. If the theme is patterned after ghosts, you need to use decors that are scary and are mainly white or black. The sound system must also function well. Scar music can add more fun to the event.

6.    Selecting and planning your menu

The date has been chosen, so as the venue, the costume decided and the theme selected. The party is heating up, and it’s all systems go. So what have you plan for the menu? What are you going to eat? When it comes to providing food for your guests consider many possibilities. Will you use caterers, cook yourself or ask your guests to all bring a plate along. You can bring the whole party with the theme by keeping the food within a theme, e.g. you can have chilli con carne, savoury baked beans, corn on the cob if you have a western theme.

7.    Party Games

Depending on the crowd, you may want to plan and organise games for your parties that are age appropriate and fun for everyone! Make the games more appealing with door prizes for all the winners.

The Halloween season is not all about zombies and witches. It is also a time to celebrate life and friendship. Go ahead and arrange your own Halloween party along with your friends. If you follow these seven few steps on how to how to prepare a great Halloween party, then be rest assured that your party will be a great night filled with unforgettable memories of goods times dancing and laughter.

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