Perfect Valentine’s date with a small budget

Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve has passed and finally Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. After Christmas gift season you might want to organise a lovely date with a minimum budget and good news:  there’s no need to rob a bank to show your love this Valentine’s Day. We collected some tips for you to organise a perfect date.

1. Staying in is the new going out

The 14th February is one of those days when it is better to have a romantic dinner at home rather than going out in a crowded and overpriced restaurant. Especially now all major supermarkets sell good dinner sets for St Valentines which you can order online and get them delivered to your home.

But if you are a good cook you can prepare a good romantic dinner yourself, BBC good food have an excellent choice of easy to cook recipes.

2. Do you own card

DIY cards are more personal and are themselves already gifts. There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest which will not take not more than 10 minutes of your time. Just think how your Valentine will be happy to receive a card that you did yourself and which was not printed somewhere in China.

3. Try personalised gifts.

Most valuable presents are not necessarily the most expensive, a small Valentine’s gift crafted especially for your loved one is worth thousands of words. You have an incredible choice of personalised gifts now from silver bracelets to name a star gifts. Order them online and get them delivered to your home.

4. Decorate your place

Candles are proven to be efficient and reliable in creating a romantic atmosphere but make sure that it’s safe and that your partner is not allergic to candle smell.

5. Offer flowers

When the last time you offered flowers to your love? Maybe some time ago already, why not to do it now. You can still offer a gorgeous bouquet without spending too much. So if you have a restricted budget you can buy your flowers at Asda or Waitrose and then do your own beautiful packaging. Try something very simple as a ribbon or a lace, you can buy them in the same supermarket.

All you will need to organise a perfect St Valentine’s date with a minimum budget they only thing you will need is your determination and time.

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